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Impressive, but still needs work.

There are a couple reasons why Bunnykill and Madness are more worth watching than this. First of all, everyone dies in one hit, which is fine with me, but they die in like two seconds except the boss who dies in five. The slow motion effect was cool, but their are only a few enemies. I mean seriously, only eight enemies? In Madness and Bunnykill there are at least 30 to defeat. Also, with the lack of enemies, this video ends quickly and there are no super cool movements unless you're talking about the slow motion effect. Also, everyone has the equal amount of skill, unlike in Madness and Bunnykill, where each enemy has different attacks and powers. The dissapearing effect was pretty neat, but the fact that it's a madness tribute without blood makes it plain boring. I know you want to add in the cute effect, but if you look at Bunnykill, the characters are cute, but there still is blood. Overall, I guess you could call it a decent Madness tribute, but it was filled with too much cuteness and not enough fighting. If you could actually add in other characters other than just the main ninja, then it might improve some more also. It's a very good series if you're looking for a more nonviolence related movie to Madness and Bunnykill, but overall it should have more fighting for it to be a Madness tribute.

Well, I guess it was an OK flash.

There were a few areas that needed improvement. For one, half the challengers never got killed, but Mindchamber somehow made it to the final battle, even though there were tons of heros uninjured left. Darnell, Hank, Larry, Captain and Steve, and Blue Knight (Castle Crashers) never really died. In fact, they were barely injured which is a surprise to how Mindchamber had been defeated by the Tankmen's cannon. Thus this makes this video completely confusing. Steven (The Time Fcuk person) looks like a stack of LEGOs, but Hank and the Zombies looked cool. Pico ends up sounding like Sonic the Hedgehog and Larry, for some reason, is going in slow motion against the zombies. The medals were very fun to get and that was pretty much the highlight of this game. The original idea was pretty creative and the introduction was really cool, but the rest of it was basically confusing. Maybe adding in a commentary would help some more. This movie was pretty decent, but it could be a whole lot better.

This is the best episode in the whole series!

The fan mail was hilarious and Mickey's responses were even funnier. Seriously, I think the WGJ4K boss should let Mickey free because Mickey has rights as well. This is basically like slavery except now instead of working you have to perform in a stupid show that isn't even funny. Mickey is also doing such a great job in entertaining people that he should get a break. The newgrounds tank and stupid cat scared the life out of me. My favorite mail is the unproofreed email from Matt and "the only reason I wrote this is to waste your time." Also, Trosman is basically showing off his spectacular language which basically annoys me. The last email was mysterious, because Mickey suddenly paused after reading the question which was "was there ever a time when you weren't a dick?" The fan art made me laugh so hard I could barely breath. This totally deserves to get on the Newgrounds Tank Awards 2010 nominee for best game award. Congratulations on your success in making this show! Keep up the great work!

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No matter how much I love the humour of the original :the game:, I always wished for more gameplay options. This threequel answered my complaints. There is a bucketload of content in this meaty package. Everything sounds and looks great. I have seen few games with as much effort in these seemingly unneccisary areas. Every level is filled with uniqueness and demonstrates our crazy world. Besides the main story to worry about, there are plenty of challenging achievements to try your hand at and a lengthy character creation set. Many people are worried that this new installment is not funny enough, and I will say firsthand that they are dead wrong. Lots of creativity is involved and the extra tid-bits make this a masterpiece. Thank you, once again, for making a game that I actually enjoyed all the way through. You might get this a lot, but I'd appreciate it if you make a sequel. Our world has a lot going on and if its all crammed into a single game, I'm gonna freak and you're the perfect guy to create it. Thanks man and hopefully this becomes a finalist for the Newgrounds Tank Awards 2011, since EVERYONE knows William and Sly 2 will win hands down. Keep up the masterful work, dude.

Pure art game indeed.

Original games like this don't just come out every day. You start off without knowing who, what, or where you are, and only some text is there to help you. However, if you play it right, you'll realize that, basically, you have to do the opposite of everything he says. The level titles are big hints on what to do and what NOT to do. The graphics are great, though I've seen better, playing the game is fun and the controls are responsive, and the sound is fairly good, though there isn't any music. Replaying the game for medals and different endings can help this become a lasting game, but you're mainly trying to win the game for bragging rights. The ending boss is amazing and challenging and really puts your puzzle-solving skills to the test. Overall, this was a risky take, but you've managed to create it into the best game of 2010 on Newgrounds and that means a lot. Great work!

Mysterious, suspenseful game.

It's not often we find something as original as this. The game starts with you knowing nothing about yourself or where you are. Eventually, you learn your name is Pete and that your sister is locked in the basement by your father. That's basically the entire story, but that gives you a lot of imagination to experiment with. The game looks amazing and creepy. Though some parts look really out of place, everything looks fantastic. You play the game using the arrow keys and the mouse. I wish you could switch to WASD, since it works a tad better like that, but using the arrow keys is tradition and it's fine and somehow fits with the game. The sound is great, I mean really, you don't find many games that have you sitting at the edge of your seat like this. Although replaying the game isn't neccisary it might help you better understand the story, which is a reason to come back. Overall, it was a short package, but a very good one. However, the difficulty may confuse some, making it a longer experience, so I definately reccommend NOT using a walkthrough. Congrautlations on being a finalist in the annual Newgrounds Tank Awards. You deserved it.

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Now this is what I call an amazing song.

Holy cow! This song is catchy with no annoying bugs inside it. The best part is that this song lasts six full minutes, so it almost seems neverending. The beginning was really catchy and dragged me into the song. Then the middle was still going strong with the amazing chants in the background and the awesome remix. The ending was so cool when the song started getting higher, but it was still the same chorus and then it slowed down to bring the amazing song to an end. This has to be one of the most outstanding song in the whole universe! The title was super creative and this song should be featured in tons of video games and flashes, because no song I've ever encountered was as good as this. This is now my new favorite song in all of Newgrounds and I hope more amazing songs will be created by you in the future! Keep up the good work!

This should be the official newgrounds song!!!

The introduction was amazing and made me think this is going to be a great song. When I listened some more, I heard the importance of the moderators and admins. Then the second section began and I heard a regular tune for the neutral aura with beautiful drumwork, some beautiful voices in the background, and violins. In the third section, the dark aura was described and many evil chants were heard as well as some evil music. In the fourth section, the music was crazy, just like how someone would do it when in rage. The fifth section was peaceful and describing the happiness of Newgrounds users. The final section was also very peaceful, but this time with mor peace than before. I loved all the sections and how the music described each section amazingly. Keep up the great work with your audio, MaestroRage!

Well, That Is A Nice Remix!!!

This song is very good. I loved the beat and the background music was enough to make me dance. The game, Pactime, would've never been the same without this amazing song. This has got to be a very ingenious song to the most creative tribute to Pacman ever! In the game, I loved how you could control using both the mouse and the keyboard. Let me know if you create more awesome remixes and songs. In the middle, the high sound hurt my ears and some parts were off key. I look foward to more of your -AeF- songs. In fact, after I listen to this for a few more minutes, I'm gonna check them out. Congrats on your successful song and an awesome game to go along with it. Keep up the great work!

AetherFlaer responds:

Well damn dude, Thanks a lot. It means a lot to get reviews like this. This is what keeps me making music.

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This is, honestly, the best portrait of Hank and friends I've seen on Newgrounds so far. The background is a tad on the dull side, but that at least doesn't distract from the beautifully woven characters' faces, clothes, weapons, EVERYTHING. It also has its own unique style, although the concept is still, as I said before, dull. One of the best illustrations out there of Madness. I am happy to say I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Tarantulaben responds:

Wow, thanks!

Coolest Drawing Ever Made By Humankind!!!

These are all the characters: Mars, Loads of Skips, Badly Drawn Snail, Lemur Tail, thumbsupplz thumb, Spider Monkey, Pork Fairy, Fusestopper, Badly Drawn Dawg of the Future, Simon the Topiarian Monster, Slick, Badly Drawn Bitch, Badly Drawn Lemur, Badly Drawn Dawg, Hamish Scagwell, Cylindrical Adventures Cylinder, Chris AKA The Impossible Quiz Cat, Spatulon, Frank, Phlovomite, Sedgewick, Splapp-Me-Do, Eye on Legs, Ponk, Right Here Right Now Evolution, Dennis the Square Tomato, and "YOU FREAK" Tomato.
Here's my review: This is absolutely the best drawing ever made by humankind! I cannot wait for your other cool artwork and flashes! I wish I had enough money to buy the poster, then I could stare at it all day long. Keep up the good work!

You actually clicked my profile? Well, I'm planning on making some flashes at some point but can someone PM me on how I can make one? I would appreciate it a lot. Anyways, you can see my reviews, look at my favorites, or peek at the medals I've gotten.

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