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Taking A Nap In The Jungle Taking A Nap In The Jungle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Now this is what I call an amazing song.

Holy cow! This song is catchy with no annoying bugs inside it. The best part is that this song lasts six full minutes, so it almost seems neverending. The beginning was really catchy and dragged me into the song. Then the middle was still going strong with the amazing chants in the background and the awesome remix. The ending was so cool when the song started getting higher, but it was still the same chorus and then it slowed down to bring the amazing song to an end. This has to be one of the most outstanding song in the whole universe! The title was super creative and this song should be featured in tons of video games and flashes, because no song I've ever encountered was as good as this. This is now my new favorite song in all of Newgrounds and I hope more amazing songs will be created by you in the future! Keep up the good work!

_-={Newgrounds Spectrum}=-_ _-={Newgrounds Spectrum}=-_

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This should be the official newgrounds song!!!

The introduction was amazing and made me think this is going to be a great song. When I listened some more, I heard the importance of the moderators and admins. Then the second section began and I heard a regular tune for the neutral aura with beautiful drumwork, some beautiful voices in the background, and violins. In the third section, the dark aura was described and many evil chants were heard as well as some evil music. In the fourth section, the music was crazy, just like how someone would do it when in rage. The fifth section was peaceful and describing the happiness of Newgrounds users. The final section was also very peaceful, but this time with mor peace than before. I loved all the sections and how the music described each section amazingly. Keep up the great work with your audio, MaestroRage!

One Winged 8-Bit Angel One Winged 8-Bit Angel

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Finally You Do Another Good Song!!!

OMGZ!!! Your audio isn't very good. It's either a stupid star wars loop that hurts everyones ears or some stupid voice loop. I thought your audio would stay like this until this came out. Dogtanian was pretty much the only great audio you came up with. However, this song is awesome!!! I can't believe that this song doesn't have a score above 3.00!!! This song is awesome. This was a huge improvement from the original song and Saza: Destroy the World! wouldn't have been a successful game without this song. Keep making awesome 8-bit songs in the future and please no more annoying songs that hurt my ears or voice track loops. Stick with these kind of amazing songs in the future. Keep up the great work!

-AeF- Pacman Remix -AeF- Pacman Remix

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well, That Is A Nice Remix!!!

This song is very good. I loved the beat and the background music was enough to make me dance. The game, Pactime, would've never been the same without this amazing song. This has got to be a very ingenious song to the most creative tribute to Pacman ever! In the game, I loved how you could control using both the mouse and the keyboard. Let me know if you create more awesome remixes and songs. In the middle, the high sound hurt my ears and some parts were off key. I look foward to more of your -AeF- songs. In fact, after I listen to this for a few more minutes, I'm gonna check them out. Congrats on your successful song and an awesome game to go along with it. Keep up the great work!

AetherFlaer responds:

Well damn dude, Thanks a lot. It means a lot to get reviews like this. This is what keeps me making music.

Chris R Battle Theme Chris R Battle Theme

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The Best Song For The Best Game Ever!!!

The song starts off great like you've just met an opponent in Pokemon. Then the middle sounds amazing. I especially like the drums in the background. Then the ending was also really amazing. This song really makes The Room Tribute stand out. Without this song, the game would've probably been a whole different story. I enjoy how you put a nice beat to it. I listened to this song for about 5-10 minutes. I heard this song in many different flashes, so congratulations on your success. This song reminds me of Pokemon. I've watched four out of seven of the flashes with this song. They are The Room Tribute, What Is That?! Last Epi..., Clock Saw Ghost, and Adventure of Space Ship which are all great flashes. I hope you make more awesome video game songs!

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Triple Gear Triple Gear

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Man This Song Is Awesome!!!

When I first played "I Wanna Be The Flash Game" and heard this song, I didn't think much about it. Then, I played "No Time To Explain" and I enjoyed listening to the familiar song. Then I played "Moonwalk Mario" and the song was also including! I loved this song and I listened to it for 10 minutes straight. This is an awesome video game song and I hope you come up with more great video game songs! It's a shame I didn't recognize this song before. Otherwise, I might've discovered this song a long time back, but who even cares that I'm late discovering it? I could listen to this my whole life! This is one of my most favorite songs on Newgrounds ever!!! Thank you for making this! My ears are joyous listening to this. If there is only one song I can listen to for the rest of my life, I'd choose this. Keep up the good work!!!

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Kirby Gourmet Race (GaMetal) Kirby Gourmet Race (GaMetal)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holy Macaroni!!! Awesomest Song EVER!!!

You made an amazing metal song out of my favorite Kirby song ever!!! I agree with Xehanort1337, I thought the original song was already metal enough, but you just made it into an ever more awesome song!!! However, I also agree with Solkrieg. Some parts of the song was cracking. However, if you crank up the volume, you can barely hear it, so thta just seems like a minor problem. This totally deserves to have a rating of 4.16! This song made me start dancing, which means this an awesome song! Kirby is one of my favorite video game characters and Gourmet Race is one of my favorite songs ever!!! I hope you've got more amazing song ideas up your sleeve! Congrats on being my favorite audio artist on Newgrounds! Keep up the good work on those GaMetal songs!

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Thundersocks Thundersocks

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is an magnificient electrifying song!!!

The beginning started strong and was a great way to kick-start an electrifying song. The middle was absolutely fabulous and I enjoyed it the most. The ending was a bit confusing, because it started making random noises in the background. I enjoyed most of the song anyway, but some parts were are confusing as the ending. Although how amazing this song is, it did not make me start dancing, but it did make me tap my foot for a while. This isn't the best song I've ever heard on Newgrounds, but it's good enough to get to my favorites list. The beginning was the only part of the song that actually made me start dancing. The rest of the song wasn't super great and I didn't dance really hard while listening to this song. However, this ISN'T a rock song, so that's cool with me. It's great for an industrial song and I look foward to listening to more of your songs. Keep up the great work!

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DJ Frosted - Follow Your Dream DJ Frosted - Follow Your Dream

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is an amazing song!!!

I cannot believe that the average score is not above 3.0! This is like one of the best songs on Newgrounds ever!!! The guy below me doesn't know what he's talking about. The title is really cool and would drag a lot of users into listening to it and it doesn't disappoint. The song is really good and I love the parts when the music gets higher and the intro is a great kick-start and the ending was awesome! However, this song didn't make me have a sudden urge to dance like most of my favorite audio portals, but the song was still amazing! This song makes me look foward into listening to your other songs which I believe are even better than this one! Keep up the good work! I heard that one person can make a difference and I hope I am that one person to you! Even if people vote this review as useless, this is my own opinion and remember to only look on the bright side of things. In this case, don't be discouraged of your many other dislovers, but look at the fans of your songs. Well, I hope I kick off a great start for more lovers to come and enjoy this song! I have a feeling I won't be the last fan of this song you'll meet. Hope to listen to more amazing song ideas up your sleeve!

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DJ-Frosted responds:

XD thanks man! means a lot! :D <33 <--- no homo lol

Meta Knight's Revenge(GaMetal) Meta Knight's Revenge(GaMetal)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holy Cow!!!

You're my favorite audio artist on Newgrounds and the first audio creator to make it onto my Favorites List! Your songs are awesome! I enjoy listening to wonderful songs and hearing them changed into even better ones! Kirby and Meta Knight are one of my favorite video game characters EVER and their songs are amazing. I thought nobody could change them into any better versions until I stumbled upon you. My favorite Kirby songs are Gourmet Race and Meta Knight's Revenge and I'm glad to hear both those songs you've revised and posted! I cannot wait to listen to even more of you awesome songs! This song made it into my favorite audio on Newgrounds EVER!!! I love the ending, especially when you're using the headphones! It beats on the left and the right which took me by surprise the first time I played this song and it makes the song seem much better, especially after you listen to it for the first time for two and half minutes and then you start getting bored and then suddenly out of the blue the beat starts which wakes you up and you think to yourself what a great song it is! Keep up the amazing work on those music!

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